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Terminus is a 2010 film directed and written by Sean. P. Parsons based loosely on A. M. Esmonde's Blood Hunger novel and character Monica and Anushka. Produced by Parson's Innerface films USA and under Esmonde's Breathing Dead banner. It fits after the 1477 A.D and 1980's events and prior to the present day events that transpire in Blood Hunger acting as a prelude of sorts.
Terminus Teaser Trailer

Terminus Teaser Trailer

Terminus Trailer

Terminus Plot

Hauer is a young man comfortable traveling the suburban backstreets and woods of Ellicott City as a vagabond with no responsibilities except to the back pack slung over his shoulder. His favorite destination is a burnt out, condemned paper mill, home to a vampire by the name of Anushka - a melancholy vampire assassin haunted by loneliness and self-imposed isolation. Her vow to never feed on humans is tested when a chance meeting pits her with Hauer and tests her resolve.

Terminus guns

Anshuka, as she appears in the 2010 film Terminus

Terminus Cast

Philip Fletcher ... Hauer

Katherine DuBois ... Anushka

Stacey Jackson ... Marquise

Sarah Taurchini ... Caelum

Ben Cunis ... Jacob

Ryan Sellers ... Target 2

Bruce Allen Dawson ... Bodyguard

Theo 'Rick Vick' Johnson ... Target 1

Terminus Trivia

Terminus offering the substitute (1)

Monica as she appears in the 2010 film Terminus

The character of Anushka is referred to in 'Blood Hunger', the vampire novel by A. M. Esmonde.

Apart from Bruce Allen Dawson, known for his film roles and Theo 'Rick Vick' Johnson, known for modeling, the rest of the cast are experienced theater actors.

The character of Marquise played by actress and dancer Stacey Jackson is a variation of the character Monica, one of the vampire sisters from the novel 'Blood Hunger'.